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Clinical Pastoral Education

*Penn Foundation’s Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) program
is on hold for the 2020/2021 academic year.*

Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) is a program for seminarians, clergy, and laity committed to developing their pastoral identity and functioning. CPE students minister to people in crisis and reflect on that experience in a peer group and with a certified supervisor.

The CPE program at Penn Foundation is unique because all clinical placements incorporate a behavioral healthcare perspective and clear emphasis is placed on theological education, integration, or training for ministry.

Penn Foundation’s CPE program is accredited by the Association of Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc. (ACPE). Tuition is $550, which includes a $50 nonrefundable application fee. The program coincides with the academic year and requires 4.5 hours of group education activities and 8 hours of clinical ministry each week.

Program Requirements

  • Submission of ACPE Application
  • Admissions interview at Penn Foundation
  • Orientation at Penn Foundation and designated clinical site
  • Weekly pastoral work
  • Weekly group educational work
  • Regular individual supervision
  • Various written materials
  • Participation in educational workshops and conferences
  • Selected readings

For more information about this program, please contact Rev. Sue Howes at 215.453.5194 or