Psychiatric Rehabilitation


REACH (Intensive Psychiatric Rehabilitation) is a program that assists adults living with mental illness and co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders in setting and achieving personal goals. Services are intensive and time-limited (up to two years), combining structured class time with individual appointments taking place within the community.

Throughout the two-year period, participants work through five different phases:

  1. Readiness Assessment: Assessing your strengths and growth areas so that we can draw on your strengths and build the skills and supports needed to have a satisfying life.
  2. Readiness Development: Determining what support or skills you need to make the changes you want to make. We deal with fear of failure, fear of change, overcoming barriers, and staying motivated.
  3. Goal Choosing: Defining goal specifics (the people, places, and things that make up your dream) and identifying potential options. This phase ends with the development of a SMART goal.
  4. Goal Achievement: Building the skills you need to achieve your goal (budgeting skills, life skills [cleaning, cooking, laundry], daily living skills [waking up on time, transportation to work/school], etc.).
  5. Goal Keeping: Continued support after your goal is attained to “fine tune” the skills you have learned and provide support if you are struggling to keep your goal.

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Wellspring Clubhouse

Wellspring Clubhouse is a voluntary psychosocial rehabilitation program based on the original “Clubhouse Model” founded by Fountain House in New York City in 1948. The purpose of our Clubhouse is to promote recovery and instill hope among members with mental health challenges.

The Clubhouse model features member leadership and involvement in all aspects of the program and offers restorative activities that focus on members’ strengths and abilities. The Clubhouse operates as a “work-ordered day,” which runs from 8:30 am – 4:00 pm, Monday – Friday.

Members choose to work in one of three units:

  1. Member Services: Focuses on building administrative skills, welcomes new members, and maintains records and statistics
  2. Career Development: Focuses on return to school or work, offers tutoring, and publishes a monthly newsletter on member accomplishments
  3. Health and Wellness: Prepares daily lunches, maintains the Clubhouse Café, and manages exercise, recreation, and environment of Clubhouse

Members work side by side with staff as colleagues to run the program, to learn or teach skills, and to offer support and resources needed to achieve a satisfying and improved quality of life in the community.

At the heart of the Clubhouse model are four guarantees:

  1. A right to a place to come
  2. A right to meaningful relationships
  3. A right to meaningful work
  4. A right to a place to return

For more information about Wellspring Clubhouse, please call us at 215.257.4760 or email