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For Adults

Your life is busy.

Days are filled with decisions, deadlines, and interruptions. Marriage, family, and work can be overwhelming and create additional tension and stress. Balancing all of these responsibilities and finding time for yourself seems impossible, especially when everything happens at once. Finding a way to cope just becomes another challenge to overcome.

We recognize that many adults need help to bring balance and perspective back into their lives. Others need ongoing support to cope with everyday living. We offer a comprehensive array of services to handle these life challenges.

Assertive Community Treatment
Community-based psychiatric treatment, outreach, rehabilitation, and support

Case Management
Support in accessing community resources and achieving recovery and life goals

Counseling Services
Traditional and Christian counseling approaches to address challenging life situations

Integrating behavioral healthcare with physical healthcare

Peer Support
Using shared life experiences with mental illness and/or substance use to enhance an individual’s quality of life

Assistance in setting and achieving life goals

Residential Services
Housing options designed to assist individuals with daily life functioning

Wellspring Clubhouse
Social, educational, and vocational opportunities to regain self-worth, confidence, and purpose

Adult Behavioral Health Unit
For adults 18-54 years of age who are experiencing significant mental distress and/or a serious psychiatric event

Older Adult Behavioral Health Unit
For adults 55 years of age and older who are experiencing significant mental distress and/or a serious psychiatric event