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When employees are dealing with stressors at home or interpersonal conflicts at work, the strain can result in decreased productivity and negativity within the work environment. As an employer, it is beneficial and cost-effective to address the employee’s personal issues and conflicts rather than ignore them as well as to hone leadership skills among your managers so that they can help you guide all employees in a positive direction.

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Conflict Mediation

Mediation is a process designed to support and guide parties engaged in a work-related conflict. Participants are assisted in clarifying their concern, establishing goals, and implementing clear steps toward agreed-upon actions. Follow-up meetings are designed to ensure that goals are met and progress is made toward positive change.

Crisis Support/Critical Incident Stress Management

Our trained counselors are available to respond quickly to individual or organizational crises at your company. Our crisis support services include management consultation, defusings, debriefings, on-site counseling, and follow-up services. Examples of critical events include natural or man-made disasters, workplace accidents, robberies, sudden deaths, and workforce reductions or other workplace transitions.

Mandatory Referrals

Our trained counselors can offer guidance to employers when an employee violates company policy or is experiencing work performance problems. We can assist both the company and employee in addressing the issue and working towards a solution.

Individual Leadership Coaching

This one-on-one process helps companies develop key people by equipping them with necessary employee management skills.

Group Leadership Skills Coaching

These monthly, one-hour guided sessions for up to 15 managers/supervisors focus on a variety of managerial topics.


Give your employees the tools they need to become better employees and grow your business. For a complete topic list, click here.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

This course (1 hour per week for 4 weeks) is designed to teach employees how to increase their stress tolerance, improve their ability to focus, enhance their communication skills, and manage difficult situations more effectively.

Smoking Cessation

This 5-session, 4-week program is designed to help your employees quit smoking. A minimum of three employees is required.