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    A Healthy, Productive Workplace.

    St. Luke’s Penn Foundation’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a proactive business tool that can help your employees handle life challenges while at the same time reducing absenteeism, increasing retention, saving money, controlling costs, and maximizing employee productivity.

    Employees who are physically, mentally, and emotionally balanced are happier and more productive. Leaders who facilitate employee well-being at work create more successful and profitable companies.

    St. Luke’s Penn Foundation’s EAP can help your employees find Life, in Balance through trainings and crisis support, counseling and psychiatry services, and Human Resources and management support. Our primary goal is to ensure the mental wellness of your employees so that they can consistently and effectively contribute to the growth of your company.

    On average,
    47% of employees face personal issues that affect their workplace productivity.

    An Informed, Engaged Workforce.

    No matter what stressors your employees face inside or outside the workplace, we have services and a local team of experts ready to help.

    Research shows that when employees succeed in life, they succeed in their jobs.

    A Strong, Empowered Leadership Team.

    Building an organization where employees feel respected, valued, and excited to work starts at the top. We can help you and your management team gain the skills you need to create a healthier, more balanced work environment and successfully address issues with employees.

    More than 35% of managers feel they receive no formal support or resources to help employees.