Mobile Engagement Services

Mobile Engagement Service (MES) provides a community-based addiction intervention service for individuals and families who fail to access or respond to traditional drug and alcohol treatment.

The MES Model uses a four-point intervention strategy that directly assumes responsibility of providing acute, ongoing, community-based clinical services to individuals and families. Our level system clearly defines the services necessary for change:

Level 1 – Engagement
During this level, the Mobile Engagement Specialist draws the client system into an open and honest dialogue.

Level 2 – Motivate
During this level, the Mobile Engagement Specialist begins to create a vision for change for the “movers” of the system.

Level 3 – Stabilize
During this level, the Mobile Engagement Specialist creates a vision or service plan with the client system that allows the client and family to move from chaos to positive, healthy change.

Level 4 – Monitor
During this level, the Mobile Engagement Specialist works with the client system to promote permanency in change and quickly intervenes if regression occurs.

Specific MES services include:

  • Comprehensive drug and alcohol assessments and placements
  • Relapse prevention planning
  • Crisis/diversion from hospital-based services
  • Response to legal system
  • Peer and family networking, including access to 12-step recovery meetings and family education
  • Service coordination including management of medication assisted treatment, case management, peer counseling, insurance and funding needs, employment, and childcare

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