Family Consultation

Do you have a loved one struggling with alcohol and/or drug abuse?

Does your loved one refuse to discuss his/her substance abuse?

Does your loved one deny that his/her substance use is a problem?

Has your loved one declined offers for help?

Do you maintain hope that your loved one can change?

Do you want to be part of the solution?

Our Family Consultation service offers families the opportunity to meet with a trained substance abuse therapist to discuss their loved one’s alcohol and/or drug addiction and the impact that it has had on both the individual and the family.

A plan will be developed to assist the family in confronting the substance abuse problem as well as to identify ways to engage their loved one in treatment. As part of this plan, the Family Consultant may suggest one or more of the services that Penn Foundation has to offer.

For more information about our Family Consultation service, call us at 215.257.9999 or email us at