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Health Connections

HealthConnections helps individuals improve their physical and behavioral health care by working as a team with their primary care practitioner (PCP), their other physical and behavioral health care providers, and their physical and behavioral health care plans.

Participants work closely with a Nurse Navigator and Behavioral Health Navigator who will:

  • Make sure all of their health care providers and plans work together, ensuring that they get the health care services they need, when they need them
  • Collaborate with their health care providers to develop a personal wellness plan based on their health profile
  • Look at all the medications they take to make sure they are safe to take together and are not causing problems. The Navigator will also help to ensure that medications are refilled as necessary and will send reminders if medications have not been refilled.
  • Provide education about quitting tobacco, healthy eating, exercise, fitness, and general wellness
  • Arrange travel to appointments
  • Help if hospital care is needed. The Navigator will work with the individual and the hospital to make sure that he/she gets better as soon as possible and receives the care and services needed after leaving the hospital.

You can participate in HealthConnections if you have Medicaid or if you have both Medicare AND Medicaid as your physical health plan. Please contact Maureen Gingerich Bergey at 267.404.5774 for an individual eligibility assessment


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