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    Penn Foundation provides compassionate, responsive, and innovative care that addresses the mental health, substance use, and intellectual disability needs of the community.    
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    We strongly believe in the resiliency of the human spirit and the ability of every individual to live a meaningful life. We partner with individuals and families to help them realize their recovery and life goals in the community.
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Elder Mediation

Elder mediation is a specialized field of mediation focusing on conflicts that arise in the context of aging.

It encourages and promotes direct communication among members of your family and seeks to create an environment where all participants have an opportunity to speak and be heard and work together to resolve issues.

Elder mediation advocates for mutual respect and may prevent further family tension, division, estrangement, or the need for litigation.

Mediation can help with issues such as:

Health/Medical Care Decisions
Who should provide care? What care is needed? Who should make medical decisions? End of life decisions.

Financial/Legal Matters
How should money be spent? Who is in control of the money? Who should be agent under Power of Attorney?

Living Arrangements
Where? With whom? Who decides? How much independence/supervision?

Family Relationships
How should the family deal with sibling rivalries, separation, divorce, new spouse or companion, death of spouse/caregiver, or other changes in

Respite Care/Support for Caregivers
How to share caregiving responsibilities? Increased understanding of caregiver stress and limitations.

Who should have authority to make decisions? What input, if any, should others have?

Needs of Other Family Members
Dependent children, grandparents caring for grandchildren, career demands, reimbursement for services, visitation.

Less Restrictive Alternatives to Guardianship
What alternatives exist? If a guardian is needed, who should it be?


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