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Our counseling services for adults offer a variety of treatment approaches to address both individual and family life difficulties and emotional disorders for persons 18 years of age or older. We individualize therapy to meet the unique needs of each person and/or family.

Our treatment model builds upon the individual's and/or family's strengths. Each adult client is actively encouraged to participate in the development of his/her individualized treatment plan which lists goals and objectives that will provide the direction for ongoing treatment.  We also offer counseling from a Christian perspective.

For more information about our counseling services or to schedule a first-time appointment, please contact Client Registration at 267.404.5847 or


Initial Assessment
We will ask you several questions to evaluate your problem and develop treatment recommendations. You will be asked to help write your treatment plan, which will list your personal goals and the steps you agree to take to reach these goals.

Psychological Evaluations
At times, psychological tresting is recommended by your mental health professional to better understand your problem or the testing may be requested by other programs to determine your eligibility for those services.

Psychiatric Evaluations
During this evaluation, the doctor will ask questions about your problem and the symptoms you have been experiencing. Medication may be prescribed as part of your treatment. You will be provided with information about each medicine prescribed, including benefits and possible side effects.

Medication Management
You will be asked to schedule regular 15 minute visits with a psychiatrist after you start taking medication. Your doctor will want to know if the medication has been helpful and if you are experiencing any side effects.

Individual, Family, and Marital Counseling
Treatment can be one-on-one with a mental health professional, marriage counseling with your significant other, or family counseling involving everyone from your family in treatment. A combination of treatments may be recommended.

Group Counseling
Your mental health professional may recommend attending a group with others working on similar problems. Groups offer education and the opportunity to problem-solve with suggestions and feedback from other group members.


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