Instilling hope.
Inspiring change.
Building community. 

  • Serving the community since 1955.

    Penn Foundation provides compassionate, responsive, and innovative care that addresses the mental health, substance use, and intellectual disability needs of the community.    
  • Instilling hope.

    Each year, we partner with more than 10,000 individuals and families to help them realize their fullest mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.  
  • Inspiring change.

    Recognizing that every person is unique, we provide quality care and personalized attention to every client.    
  • Building community.

    We work closely with primary care physicians, schools, churches, businesses, and others to ensure that we are providing coordinated care that meets the needs of the whole person - mind, body, and spirit.  
  • You choose the path. Together, we'll share the journey.

    We strongly believe in the resiliency of the human spirit and the ability of every individual to live a meaningful life. We partner with individuals and families to help them realize their recovery and life goals in the community.
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Penn Foundation offers various groups to further enhance the care it provides. Click on a group below to learn more. For more information, contact Julie Williams at 267.404.5760.

Thursdays at 3:00 pm |Loux Center Room 1250 | Certified Peer Specialist, Facilitator (begins March 7)
This group is open to any adult struggling with ANY mental illness. It's a way to connect with and gain support from other individuals with a mental illness. Please complete a registration form and bring it to the first meeting.

Mondays at 3:30 pm |Loux Center Room 1250 | Certified Peer Specialist, Facilitator (begins March 4) This group offers support and assists in setting small, obtainable goals in areas of healthy living and wellness management. It will be fun in nine-week increments, beginning March 4, 2013. Please complete a pdfregistration form and bring it to the first meeting.

The class is 8 weeks long and meets once a week for an hour. It is open to all clients in outpatient therapy regardless of insurance. The purpose of the class is to facilitate change in the life domain areas of health/wellness, education, vocation, independent living, and support recovery of community-based roles and community connection.

Mondays at 7:00 pm | Lori Hinsdale, Facilitator
The Seasonal Affective Disorder group will meet beginning January 7, 2013 through the end of March 2013. It is open to any adult who suffers from SAD and who is looking for group support, psycho education, and skill building to overcome the effects of this debilitating disorder. This group will be strengths based and operate from a CBT framework but also be a self directed process group to the degree that this is helpful to group members. Visual aides and social supports will be used as the primary tool for creating and reinforcing both short and long term coping skills. For example, every group member will have another group member to call for support. And every week they will be given a tangible reminder of that week’s to display, reinforcing the psychoducational message from that weeks group.

Mondays at 7:00 pm | Mary Lou Gorzelic and MaryLynne Black, Facilitators
This group will begin after the Couples Communication group is finished. Topics include tired and overwhelmed; your children and your fears; rest and comfort; money and career; parenting goals and expectations; suffering and advertisty; emotions and stability; parenting tools and projects; parenting approaches and God's love; talking and listening; and conflict and resolution. Group will involved opening questions, psycho-education, process time, some homework assignments, and some video.

Tuesdays at 3:00 pm | Kathy DeSantis and MaryLynne Black, Facilitators
Topics include mandala, clay: reflection on how you experience God shaping and forming you; scribble drawing; examining conscience; labyrinth collage; and praying in color. This group will use materials in an artistic way to explore one’s spiritual development and relationship with God. There will be some time for group members to share their insights.

Fridays (beginning February 8) at 1:00 pm | Lesley Williams, MSN, CTTS, Facilitator
An educational and motivational program designed for all smokers receiving services at Penn Foundation. The group has an open-ended format with rolling admission. The overall goal is for participants to gain knowledge and insight to consider moving toward a tobacco-free lifestyle. In addition, participants will learn about other issues related to healthy living, such as nutrition, physical activity, and stress management. To register, contact Lesley Williams at 267.404.5761 or

Thursdays, February 14 - March 16, 2013 at 10:00 am | Lesley Williams, MSN, CTTS, Facilitator
This program is designed for individuals receiving services at Penn Foundation interested in quitting smoking in the next 30 days. It is six weeks in length and includes preparation to quit, development and implementation of a quit plan, and relapse prevention. This program is supported by the Bucks County Health Improvement Partnership and funded through a grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Health. Free nicotine replacement patches will be available. To register, contact Lesley Williams at 267.404.5761 or

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