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Our EAP provides a confidential place to talk about the issues that are affecting you, your family, or your job. We can help you manage the many stressors and demands that you experience in both your work life and your personal life. With a spectrum of easily accessible services customizable to your specific needs, we strive to restore and strengthen your health and productivity in the workplace.

Confidentiality Notice
Whatever the nature of your issue, federal law mandates that information shared during your EAP session remain confidential. Your counselor may NOT tell anyone about what you talk about unless you give written permission. Our intake process is brief, and we do not share any personal information with your employer nor do we share who has used the benefit.

Counseling: Individuals, Couples, and Families
EAP offers confidential, professional counseling for a variety of problems. Sessions are scheduled at the convenience of the employee and can be scheduled for either work or personal issues. No authorizations are needed to use this service.

Alcohol/Drug Use   Depression   Marital/Relationship   Stress-Related Problems
Career   Family   Parenting   Work-Related Problems
Children/Adolescents             Grief/Loss              Pre-Marital                          

24/7 Crisis Telephone Service

Master’s Level counselors and trained crisis professionals are available to provide immediate support for emergencies

Discounted Legal Benefits
Reduced flat fees for designated “positive legal” services such as will development, powers of attorney, and living wills as well as divorce and elder mediation


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