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Intervention Services

Substance abuse affects three-out-of-four families and often leads to conflicts, emotional trauma, health risks, legal involvement, and violence. Recognizing the devastating impact drug and/or alcohol addiction can have on families, Penn Foundation's Recovery Center offers a continuum of Intervention Services designed to help individuals and families understand their options in coping with their substance abusing loved one.


We offer three intervention services which can be used individually or simultaneously:


These programs are for:

  • Families who don’t know what to do about their loved one’s substance abuse
  • Individuals who do not recognize that their substance abuse is causing problems at home, at work, or in school
  • Individuals who know there is a problem and refuse to get help
  • Individuals who would benefit from home-based counseling
  • Individuals who relapse in spite of multiple treatment experiences
  • Individuals in early recovery who need support and monitoring to prevent relapse
  • Families who need their own treatment to help them cope with and address the chaos that a substance abuser causes in the home


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