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To Our Penn Foundation Community

June 9, 2020

Dear Penn Foundation Community,

Last week was one of great tragedy and turmoil for our country. Our hearts are broken as we mourn the unjust deaths of George Floyd and others whose lives were unnecessarily taken. The pain and injustice of these recent events has reverberated throughout the nation and in our own Penn Foundation community. Penn Foundation was founded as an organization dedicated to serving everyone in the community. That ideal continues to drive our mission daily. We recognize and celebrate “That of God” in every person, and as such, resolutely believe that everyone must always be treated with equality, dignity and respect.

To our clients, staff, and any individual who has ever experienced racism and prejudice, we see you, we value you, and we hear your plea. Penn Foundation is a place of belonging, inclusion and safety. We’re a place that encourages conversations and promotes new learning. And, we’re constantly striving to do better. Amidst this turmoil, we remain committed to welcoming all and equally caring for those who need our services, and we will redouble our organizational and individual efforts to achieve these goals. Penn Foundation is committed to doing its part to assure that everyone has equal voice and every life equal meaning. We remain committed to instilling hope, inspiring change and building and ensuring a just community.

As our nation addresses these issues of social and racial inequity, we stand as a Conference Related Ministry of the Franconia and Eastern Mennonite Conference (now known as Mosaic) as supporters and advocates for equality in all human rights. On June 4, the Conference released a statement which can be read here. During these difficult days, we see the light and hope of possibility as people unite for what’s right. As we move forward together, we pray for peace, for justice in our community and nation.




Dorothy K. Weik-Hange, Esq.           Wayne A. Mugrauer
Board Chair                                           President and CEO