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Penn Foundation Hosts Luncheon to Celebrate Employee Service

Luncheon Celebrating Employee Service

On February 23, 2017, Penn Foundation hosted a luncheon to celebrate the dedicated service of more than 30 employees.

Karen Kern

Celebrating 45 years of service was Vice President Karen Kern, LCSW, CCDP-D. She is pictured with Penn Foundation President and CEO Wayne Mugrauer.

Christine Shannon

Celebrating 35 years of service was Christine Shannon, MA, LP, Director of Mental Health Residential Services. She is pictured with Penn Foundation President and CEO Wayne Mugrauer.

Celebrating 20 years of service were Barbara Kopystecki (Family Based Services), Robert Sturtevant (Wrap Around Services), Gail Stasiw (Early Intervention Services), and Sandy Vereneck (Medical Records). Not pictured are Tedd Bradford (Mental Health Outpatient Services), Karen Hakun (Wrap Around Services), and Amy Thompson (Mental Health Case Management).

Celebrating 15 years of service were Sara Bailey (ID Supports Coordination) and Tim Sessions (EAP). Not pictured are Libby Hollenbach (MH Case Management) and Curt Ladley (Wrap Around).

Celebrating 10 years of service were Karl Keitsock (Maintenance), Tim Miles (Recovery Center Inpatient), Laura Moyer (Emergency Services & EAP), Craig Oliver (ACT – Pottstown), Jen King (Advancement), Dr. Wellesley Bailey (ACT – Pottstown), Meghan Carr (Wrap Around), and Ashley Bittner (Family Autism Center).

Celebrating 5 years of service were Nina Drinnan (MH Outpatient), AJ Derro (ACT – Sellersville), Mike Hedrick (Pastoral Services), Joy Schmidt (MES), Alyce Richardson (Recovery Center Outpatient), Dawn D’Adamo (MH Outpatient), Scott Bragg (ACT-Pottstown), Valerie Butcher (ACT-Sellersville), Chad Wisler (REACH), and James Mast (Family Based & MH Outpatient). Not pictured are Curtis Barnes (Recovery Center Inpatient), Brian Flack (Maintenance), and Janina Strouse (MH Outpatient).