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Penn Foundation Celebrates Mental Health Awareness Month and Offers Information and Resources to the Community

On May 6, 2021, Penn Foundation staff wore green and gathered to spell out the word “HOPE” in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month. Hope is an important part of Penn Foundation’s mission, which is to “instill hope, inspire change, and build community.”

Mental Health Awareness Month is a national observance held each May to increase awareness and understanding of mental health disorders and to reduce the stigma and misconceptions often associated with mental health issues.

One-in-five people live with mental illness. Like other diseases, mental illness is no one’s fault. It has many causes, and like other diseases, mental illness is treatable, enabling individuals to live productive, meaningful lives. However, many individuals are ashamed to seek help because of misconceptions about mental illness. It is important to know the facts so that we can work to eliminate the stigma surrounding this brain disorder.

Penn Foundation is using this month to shine a spotlight on the importance of caring for your mental health, especially during the pandemic. It has a variety of tips and tools, resources, client stories, and other information available for the community on its website and on its social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn).