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Penn Foundation Celebrates Employee Service

On March 5th, Penn Foundation hosted a luncheon to celebrate the dedicated service of nearly 50 employees. “Every day, you demonstrate incredible dedication as you work to give hope to individuals in our community struggling with mental health and substance use issues,” said Penn Foundation President and CEO Wayne Mugrauer. “It is because of you that Penn Foundation is a special place, and I am privileged to work with each one of you.”

Celebrating 25 or more years of service were Jolene Musselman (Mental Health Outpatient Services), Lisa Dembrosky (Wellspring Clubhouse), Tammy McCarthy (Penn Gardens), Marianne Gilson (Administration) – 30 years; Bob Dunning (Recovery Center), Barbara O’Brien (Assertive Community Treatment – Sellersville Team) – 40 years, Gordon Hornig (Mobile Engagement Services), Don Detweiler (Village of Hope), Lisa Kauffman (Mental Health Case Management), and Michele Grida (Operations and Quality).

Celebrating 20 years of service were
Lesley Renninger (Wrap Around), Michelle Lerch (Human Resources) and Lisa Vasey (Assertive Community Treatment – Sellersville Team).



Celebrating 15 years of service were Robin Lawrence (Assertive Community Treatment – Sellersville Team), Jane Straw (Mental Health Rehabilitation Services), Patricia French (Business Office), Megan Stewart (Intellectual Disabilities Supports Coordination), and Linda Harrington (Intellectual Disabilities Supports Coordination). Not pictured is Theresa Pearre (Wrap Around).


Celebrating 10 years of service were Linda Groff (Assertive Community Treatment – Sellersville Team), Holly Weideman (Mental Health Case Management), Ed Gurecki (IT), Amanda Ward (Business Office), Jennifer Brent (Recovery Center), and Judy Haas (Recovery Center). Not pictured are Susan Beacham (Recovery Center) and David Varner (Assertive Community Treatment – Sellersville Team).


Celebrating 5 years of service were Jennifer McClinchey (Penn Villa), Rachel Keller (Recovery Center), Reanna Serafine (Emergency Services), Jocelyn Giancola (Recovery Center), Timothy Coyle (Recovery Center), Karen Conard (Recovery Center), Melissa Smith (Emergency Services), Kristin Mascio (Emergency Services), and Heather Krout (Recovery Center). Not pictured are Brian Beck (Recovery Center), Abbey Cassidy (Mental Health Outpatient Services), Renee Dwornitski (Recovery Center), David Hamilton (Recovery Center), Danielle Haydt (Assertive Community Treatment – Sellersville Team), Celia Herd (Intellectual Disabilities Supports Coordination), Danielle Hochwind (Assertive Community Treatment – Sellersville Team), Harry Kelly (Assertive Community Treatment –  Pottstown Team), Elizabeth Lerch (Pastoral Services), Natalie Ransom (Assertive Community Treatment– Pottstown Team), Jeanne Reitnauer (Assertive Community Treatment – Pottstown Team), Dr. Jennifer Sokol (Mental Health Outpatient Services), and Suzanne Tyson (Early Intervention Services).