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Wellspring Clubhouse Celebrates Member Achievements

Employment Dinner

In May, Wellspring Clubhouse celebrated 55 of its members who obtained or maintained employment over the past year. Members shared inspirational stories about the positive impact that working has had on their lives, and Deb Ryan, Director of Community Outreach, shared her perspective on being a new Transitional Employment (TE) supervisor. Penn Foundation is pleased to employ TEs in several programs: Recovery Center Inpatient and Outpatient, Medical Records, Penn Villa, Village of Hope, MH Case Management, and Business Office.

Some facts worth noting:

  • 55 members were employed in 64 different employment positions
  • 36 members were placed in new positions, a 34% increase from the previous year.

Education and Volunteer Dinner

In August, Wellspring Clubhouse hosted its 5th annual Education and Volunteer Dinner. This special evening featured inspirational testimonials from six Clubhouse members who were enrolled in school and/or who volunteered in the community. The achievements of 54 members were celebrated. Some facts worth noting:

  • 37 members volunteered 3,165 hours during the past year, which is 32% of Clubhouse membership; 40% were new volunteers
  • 17 members were enrolled in school during the past year, which is 15% of Clubhouse membership; 59% were new students