COVID-19 Update: St. Luke’s Penn Foundation is open, taking new clients, applying new safeguards, and continuing virtual services. Learn More

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COVID Response Fund

Click Here to Make a Gift to Support Penn Foundation’s COVID-19 Response

Support for mental health services is needed now more than ever.

Penn Foundation staff is on the front lines, serving many individuals believed to be the most vulnerable to COVID-19. Your gift will help to cover costs associated with our COVID-19 emergency response, including the initiatives described below:

  • Masks and Personal Protective Equipment: Penn Foundation has been purchasing personal protective equipment such as face masks, face shields, vinyl gloves, hand sanitizer, and Clorox wipes for the 175 front line workers in our 24/7 programs and essential support areas.
  • Technology Upgrades: Penn Foundation has to purchase new equipment and technology to continue offering telehealth treatment.
  • Additional Safety Measures: In order to safely welcome back clients in person, Penn Foundation has taken extra measures to ensure the health of clients and staff, including the use of additional cleaning services and facility modifications to accommodate new social distancing best practices.

Gifts of Benevolence
With the incredible amount of change, transition, isolation, and stress surrounding COVID-19, we anticipate an even greater demand for our services than we ever imagined. This demand will be in addition to the significant growth we see on an annual basis. Reimbursement rates have not kept pace with the rising cost of treatment, an unfortunate trend that will continue even after this health crisis stabilizes. Your gift will help support these unfunded or underfunded programs for individuals who need mental health and substance use treatment services. Click here to give the gift of hope.