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Caring for the Community: Our Response to an Epidemic

Published in September, Penn Foundation’s Annual Report describes the devastating heroin epidemic and Penn Foundation’s response to this public health crisis. Penn Foundation has dedicated the past seven years responding to the needs of the opioid use population. In particular this year, we focused on increasing collaborations with community organizations and providers to address the worsening epidemic.

  • Knowing that individuals are at most risk when they are discharged after being treated for an overdose, Penn Foundation has embedded staff in the emergency departments of Grand View Hospital, St. Luke’s Hospital, and Abington-Lansdale Hospital to target overdose survivors who come into the emergency room. This program is designed to directly connect opioid overdose survivors in hospital ERs to drug treatment providers. Our staff meets with the individual to conduct an assessment and connect the person to appropriate treatment and resources. Our staff also meets with the individual’s family to help connect them to resources and education.
  • Penn Foundation also began an Aetna Member Care Coordination Project this fall. Through this innovative partnership with Aetna, Penn Foundation’s Peer Support Team Leader provides engagement and peer support for inpatient clients with Aetna insurance for six months. The Peer Support Team Leader and our inpatient addiction counselors work closely with an Aetna member advocate to coordinate aftercare and provide resources to individuals and their families.