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Supporting Your Employees Through Challenging Times

The current war in Ukraine may be unnerving for members of your workforce. An employee may have family in the Ukraine. A veteran may experience anxiety or emotional distress over the volatile situation. Here are some ways that you can support your employees through this challenging time:

  • Offer flexible work hours. Ukraine is 7 hours ahead of the United States. A later start time or adjusted schedule can provide time for employees to reach out by phone to family and friends in that area, providing peace of mind and better
    ability to focus at work.
  • Do you broadcast TV news or radio? Limit access to news, which can be anxiety-provoking. 24-hour news can keep our brains in a fight-flight-freeze loop. Our brains need a break.
  • Encourage stretching breaks and mindfulness exercises (like the one at right).
  • Check in on your employees. Ask them how they are doing.
  • Remind employees of their EAP benefit, which includes confidential counseling.
  • Remind your managers of their ability to call EAP if they have a struggling employee or would like coaching around supporting a struggling staff member.