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A Parent’s Guide to Surviving Summer

During the school year, most families are immersed in routine and structure. Days are scheduled to the hilt with activities or sports while parents try to figure out how to find project supplies and fit in teacher conferences or IEP meetings. Ready or not, school is out and kids are home for the summer. Warmer weather is here, and it’s the season where these duties and routines seem to melt away in the summer sun.

For some parents, it’s a highly anticipated and much-welcomed development as they look forward to more carefree summer days. For others, it can evoke anxiety. Worries about kids being bored, siblings getting along, and/or finding camps or child care can be typical concerns. That’s why we’ve put together this list of fun things to do over summer vacation. 

Summer Camp

Summer camp is a classic option for parents to make sure their kids’ days are filled with fun, engaging things to do. There are all sorts of different camps that offer summer activities for anything your child might be interested in. If you can think of an activity, there’s a camp that caters to it. Use this website to find a summer camp near you. 


Volunteering is a great way for your child to spend the summer! It’s something that kids of all ages can do, and the best part is that it’s completely free! Volunteering creates a structure for a kid while also allowing them to give back to their community. If you need help finding volunteer opportunities, here is a resource for finding one that works for your child.


Want to make sure your child is engaging in educational activities throughout the summer? Look no further than your local library. With tons of genres and options, there’s something for everyone to read. Reading is great because it stimulates the mind, improves memory, expands vocabulary, and improves focus. Most libraries also offer summer reading lists depending on your child’s age. Look here to find a library near you.

Summer Employment

Summer is a good time for teens to start their first job. Not only will it make sure that they’re using their time productively, but they’ll be able to learn responsibility, earn money, and meet new people. There are various options available, from local restaurants to employment through family: mowing grass, cleaning the house or even helping grandma shop. Here is a guide for helping teens find summer jobs. 

It is important that children and adolescents have healthy, active, and balanced lives. At Penn Foundation, we are committed to making sure that families are equipped with the tools to best help their kids grow up to be stable and happy. If you’re worried that your child is struggling or having a hard time, please explore the different resources that Penn Foundation offers for children and adolescents today.