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Managing Anxiety & Returning to Social Situations

woman in face mask putting out open sign on front door

As our levels of anxiety about being in public have increased, many of us have hesitated, even put off, seeking help or scheduling necessary medical procedures. Although we may be feeling a bit of post-lockdown anxiety, we must remember to put our health first, especially our mental health. You can use these steps to ease your mind when leaving the house.

Do Your Research

Before going to a new place, learn what safety measures have been put in place. Some business locations have updated their operating hours to adjust for the pandemic, in addition to the procedures for people entering the building and precautions taken by employees. If updated safeguards are not easily found online, call the business to ask questions and let the facts drive your decisions.

Plan Ahead

Each time you leave the house, make sure you have a clean mask and hand sanitizer. These items can be left next to your car keys, so you begin to set a routine of bringing them with you everywhere you go.

Manage Your Stress

In situations that raise levels of anxiety, such as entering a new business, use general stress management practices. Each person is different, and stress manifests in different ways, so it’s important to find a strategy that works for you.

Don’t put your health at risk because of post-lockdown anxiety. Penn Foundation has made many changes to its services to ensure the safety of all clients. If you are feeling severely anxious, call and make an appointment. We are willing to meet you where you are and are implementing creative ways to provide you with treatment. Reach out today to start the discussion.