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5 Tips for Managing Stress this Holiday Season

The holidays are almost here, and while that can mean a time for fun and festivities, it can also be a source of stress. In fact, many people rate the holiday season as the most stressful time of the year. You may find it difficult to get in the holiday spirit when everything feels overwhelming. Don’t let stress stop you from enjoying this holiday season! Use the following strategies to help manage your stress. 

Make a budget and stick to it

It can be easy to spend too much money during the holiday season. Between the food, presents, decorations, and travel plans, your family’s financial situation might be tight. A good solution is to not let your spending get away from you. Make a budget and stick to it; then you can stop yourself from overspending. 

Find some time to get away

The holiday season is for spending time with family, but many people get so caught up in the joy of seeing family and friends that they forget to take time for themselves. Sometimes, the best thing you can do for yourself is to find some personal time away from the group to recharge.


Make sure to exercise at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes a day. Regular exercise causes your brain to produce more endorphins, which improves your mood and decreases stress. It does not have to be intensive exercise – a 30-minute walk alone or with others will do just fine – but make sure you are doing it regularly. Try not to let the busyness of the season disrupt this healthy habit; it can help you cope.  

Eat healthily and with moderation

Everyone knows that Thanksgiving is the day for eating as much delicious food as possible, but often that attitude can bleed into the rest of the holiday season. We recommend taking steps to ensure you are maintaining a proper diet. Making sure you are not eating too much and eating with good nutrition can help you maintain your mood, fight off stress, and keep your energy levels normalized.

Don’t be afraid to seek help.

Despite all of your efforts to the contrary, sometimes stress can build up and become too much for you to manage by yourself. If you find yourself feeling this way, don’t be afraid to seek help. Counseling can provide an effective outlet for you to navigate your feelings. Penn Foundation offers a variety of counseling services to help you address stress and other difficulties that you may be facing. You may also be able to access an Employee Assistance Program through your employer. If you feel like counseling could help you (or a loved one), reach out to us at 215-257-6551 or