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Perkasie Heroin Talk Questions and Answers

Thanks to everyone who came out for the Perkasie Borough's Heroin: In Your Backyard panel discussion on June 3rd at the Perkasie Fire Hall. Below, you will find questions and answers from this event. Check back often as we will frequently update this page.


1. What is law enforcement doing to control or stop the use of heroin and other drugs?

Controlling the drug problem is a more realistic goal than eliminating it altogether.  Police seek to develop and prosecute criminal cases against illicit drug use and seize varying amounts of illegal drugs.  These cases include those against users and dealers, with an emphasis on the dealers.  We also support and encourage preventative/treatment measures, although treatment is not a function we provide.  However, as criminal cases progress through the criminal justice system, there are often court-mandated treatment programs for addicted persons. These “forced” rehab programs can sometimes help prompt addicted persons to better buy into their recovery treatment.

2. What does a pharmacist look for when filling a prescription?

Pharmacists make sure that:

1. The prescription is not forged or fake.

2. The prescription is picked up by the patient or an authorized individual.

3. The prescription is for a legitimate medical use. We may have to call the doctor for this information, and we often do. The diagnosis is not required to be on the prescription.

Pharmacists are also networked in with other pharmacists.  We share information on who may be "pharmacy or doctor shopping."  Insurance companies also give us information on early fills.


3. How can I dispose of extra prescription pills?

You can take your prescription pills to a designated medication drop box location.Click here to view of list of locations in our community.


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