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Penn Foundation Recognizes Employee Service

On February 17, 2015, Penn Foundation hosted a luncheon at The Washington House in Sellersville to celebrate more than 50 employees and their dedicated service to the organization.



25 30 35 and 45 Years 1

 Penn Foundation staff members
recognized for 25+ years of service:

Sandy Landis, 45 Years
Director of Human Resources
Barbara O’Brien, 35 years
FACT Nurse Manager

Donna Duffy-Bell, 30 Years
Vice President of
Rehabilitation Services
Marianne Gilson, 25 Years
Senior Vice President and
Chief Operating Officer





20 Years 1   Staff members recognized for
20 years of service:

Tammy McCarthy (Penn Gardens)
Lisa Kauffman (MH Case Management)
Don Detweiler (Village of Hope)
Jolene Musselman (MH Outpatient)
Bob Dunning (Recovery Center)
Sandy Dale (Recovery Center)
Gordon Hornig (Recovery Center)
Michele Grida (Administrative Services)
Lisa Dembrosky (Wellspring Clubhouse)





15 Years 1





Staff members honored for
15 years of service:

Lisa Vasey (FACT)

Michelle Lerch (Human Resources)











10 Years 1 Staff members celebrating
10 years of service:

 Megan Stewart
(Intellectual Disabilities
Supports Coordination)
Linda Harrington
(Intellectual Disabilities
Supports Coordination)
Lorraine Haney
(Recovery Center)
Jane Straw
(MH Case Management/
Peer Support)
Patricia Hunsberger
(Business Office)



5 Years1.1


Staff members recognized for 5 years of service:
Joe Devlin (Recovery Center); Amanda Ward (Business Office); Maryann Matey (Recovery Center);
Stacy Luhman (Business Office); Susan Beacham (Recovery Center); Jennifer Brent (Recovery Center);
Kris Campion (Penn Villa); Alina Gerlicz (Recovery Center); Ed Gurecki (IT Services)



5 Years 2 1.2


Also recognized for 5 years of service:
Crystal Kapusta (Early Intervention);  Wendy Johnstone (Wrap Around);  
David Varner (FACT); Kristen Carney (ACT); Jason Rhoades (FACT)


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