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Penn Foundation Named Opioid Treatment Center of Excellence

Penn Foundation has been named one of 20 Opioid Treatment Centers of Excellence in Pennsylvania. This means that Penn Foundation will serve as a “health home” for Medicaid patients seeking opioid addiction treatment, providing integrated substance abuse, mental health, and physical health care to ensure individuals receive a holistic approach to treatment that promotes recovery.


“Penn Foundation is pleased to be named an Opioid Treatment Center of Excellence,” says Wayne Mugrauer, Penn Foundation President and CEO. “Penn Foundation has always strived to provide integrated, holistic, and coordinated care to individuals and families impacted by substance use, mental health, and chronic health issues, offering them the support they need for their recovery process to occur in all aspects of their life. We look forward to working with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to help transform the service delivery system, especially amidst public health concerns regarding the increasing rates of opioid dependency.”


Penn Foundation plans to expand its existing substance abuse treatment and prevention programs while also implementing new services to enhance to quality of care provided to those seeking treatment. This includes the development of a dedicated Health Home Team, education for physicians and nurse practitioners, access to an assessment within one business day, medication-assisted treatment, access to an on-site pharmacy, access to on-site drug testing capabilities, and access to a comprehensive, well-established continuum of treatment options.


“Since the onset of the heroin epidemic, Penn Foundation has worked diligently to adapt and enhance its drug and alcohol services to address the special needs of the opioid use population,” says Julie Williams, LPC, Penn Foundation’s Director of Clinical Services. “We understand that those impacted by mental health disorders, in combination with opiate use, have unique problems and circumstances which deserve unique approaches to treatment. For these individuals, we have already fostered immediate access to case management, mobile engagement, Assertive Community Treatment, and psychiatric rehabilitation services.”


“Penn Foundation is committed to providing individuals with quality care that is responsible and cost-effective for Medicaid,” adds Williams. “We are committed to carrying out the initiatives of increasing patient access, having team-based care, improving population health management, providing care management and care coordination, and enhancing our systems’ performance measurement.”


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