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Dayspring Still Strong!

DayspringDayspring Christian Counseling grew out of a need to serve our local faith communities which had asked us to provide counseling services that intentionally integrate spirituality into the client’s treatment plan. Although Penn Foundation has always employed faith-based clinicians, Dayspring was our way of publically responding to our faith communities as well as celebrating our roots in a Christian faith tradition that was open to all.

Dayspring has seen many changes since its inception in 2003. We currently have six theologically trained and therapeutically competent counselors and one seminary intern: MaryLynne Black, PsyD; Tedd Bradford, MA; Sue Ellis, DMin, LPC; Lois Halsel, MA, MFT; Theresa Pearre, MEd; and (intern) Jenny Carmona-Richter, BA. 

Now part of Mental Health Outpatient Services, Dayspring continues to offer clients a safe place to explore their issues from a faith-based or Christian counseling perspective. Typical sessions incorporate prayer and Scripture as well as an invitation to reframe a client’s dilemmas in language that honors our common faith in a compassionate and merciful God.

But Dayspring does more than individual counseling. Through our unique Member Assistance Program (MAP), individuals from more than a dozen affiliated churches can see Dayspring counselors for up to six sessions for a reduced fee, which they share with their church, much like an EAP. Dayspring counselors also facilitate support groups at Penn Foundation, and Dr. MaryLynne Black provides an important service to the wider Mennonite Church by administering and interpreting a series of psychological tests for their ministerial candidates. 

Dayspring – partnering to help our faith-based clients “realize their emotional, physical, and spiritual potential” for more than 11 years now! To make an appointment, please call 215.257.6551 and ask to speak with a Dayspring counselor.


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