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Wellspring Clubhouse Celebrates Members’ Achievements at Annual Education/Volunteer and Employment Dinners

Earlier this year, Wellspring Clubhouse hosted two dinners to celebrate the many educational, volunteer,  and vocational achievements of its members. In January, the 2nd annual Education and Volunteer Dinner recognized 10 members attending school and 20 members volunteering in the community. During the May Employment Dinner, 54 members were recognized for their employment over the past year.


“We often see that work promotes improvement in mental health and overall experience of well-being,” says Jill Horan, Career Development and Administrative Coordinator for Wellspring Clubhouse. “Whether a member is employed, volunteers, or pursues an education, these outlets provide an opportunity for connection with the community, encourage contribution and giving back, and promote positive self-esteem. We celebrated more than 80 members at these two dinners and recognized the local companies who graciously partner with us to offer these opportunities. ”


Clubhouse members are exposed to many different employment opportunities, with varying level s of Penn Foundation staff involvement. They include: transitional employment, for six to nine months; supported employment, for an indefinite amount of time; and independent employment. These opportunities within the Clubhouse, along with educational programs such as GED preparation and college visits, are integral in helping members progress in their recovery.


Penn Foundation’s Wellspring Clubhouse operates based on the original “Clubhouse Model” founded by Fountain House in New York City in 1948. The purpose of Wellspring Clubhouse is to instill hope among members with mental health and/or co-occurring substance use challenges. Members of the Clubhouse choose to work in one of three units: Member Services, Career Development, or Health and Wellness. Members are taught the skills and resources needed to achieve an improved quality of life in the community, and employment is promoted as an essential part of mental health recovery. The Clubhouse is located on Rockhill Mennonite Community’s campus.


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