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Penn Foundation Re-Dedicates Renovated John W. and Emily Clemens Recovery Center

Recovery Center 3

    Common Living Area                   24/7 Nurses' Station                             Bedroom                                          Café        

Renovations to the John W. and Emily Clemens Recovery Center have resulted in the ability to accomodate 12 additional clients, bringing the total inpatient capacity to 55 clients. The Recovery Center was re-dedicated during an open house in June.

"The addition of beds and renovation of the Recovery Center has given us an opportunity to restructure our clinical programming by separating the detoxification program from our rehabilitation program," explains Dr. Christopher Squillaro, Penn Foundation Medical Director. "The Recovery Center will now have a 16-bed detoxification unit and a 39-bed rehabilitation unit that are distinct, both physically and programmatically. Clients in these very different stages of their recovery have different needs, and we believe that this change will enhance their experience through increased personal engagement and lead to better outcomes."

The renovations were made possible, in part, by the Clemens Family Corporation, which awarded Penn Foundation a $125,000 grant. "We are very grateful to Clemens Family Corporation for this generous grant," says Wayne Mugrauer, Penn Foundation President and CEO. "Clemens Family Corporation is a philanthropic leader in our community and has demonstrated strong support of Penn Foundation throughout our history."

To accomodate the additional beds, outpatient drug and alcohol services have moved to a building on the lower part of Penn Foundation's campus.

Named in honor of John W. and Emily Clemens, the building reflects the Clemens' long-term commitment to ensuring that drug and alcohol services are available in this community. Both husband and wife were actively engaged with Penn Foundation - John served on the Board of Directors from 1981-1997, and Emily was a member of the Auxiliary. They were instrumental in the creation of the original Recovery Center in 1987, and their passionate support for the Center and Penn Foundation has only grown stronger over the years.


Common Living Area

The renovation of the Recovery Center took place within the footprint of the existing building. This allowed us to maintain the architectural integrity of the building, including this beautiful, light-filled space that became the new common living room.

Nurses' Station

The new Nurses' Station is located with convenient access to both the detoxification unit and the rehabilitation program. The office contains two Dutch doors which enhance privacy and safety while still allowing access to the 24/7 nursing staff.


The six new bedrooms were designed to reflect Penn Foundation's commitment to respecting the integrity of the individuals in its care. With warm colors and natural sunlight, each room can accomodate two people, offering both privacy and the companionship of someone having a similar experience.


Individuals in the detoxification unit have access to a café for breakfast and snacks. Lunch and dinner meals are served in the cafeteria located on the first floor.


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