Joy of Giving – Ken and Melody Byler

Being asked to share our donor story is humbling. We certainly aren’t the biggest donor. That’s why it is important for us to tell our story

We moved to the Souderton area in 1986 and knew very little about this community. Ken’s initial job at Penn View Christian School soon put him in touch with other nonprofits and their leaders. In 2002, when his consulting firm, Higher Ground Consulting Group, was just getting started, Ken worked with the Penn Foundation leadership team on some projects and was impressed with the number of programs and clients that it was serving. Both of us know individuals who struggle with addictions and mental illness. We have watched some of those persons successfully navigate their illnesses, while others continue to struggle. When quality treatment and support is available, it makes a big difference in the path to recovery. Supporting Penn Foundation is one way we can ensure that no one who needs treatment is denied services because they can’t pay. It’s also a way for us to reinforce the many friendships and business relationships we have enjoyed over more than 34 years. Even though we relocated our home and Ken’s office to central PA in November 2020, we plan to keep supporting the mission of Penn Foundation. We feel like it is part of our family.

We both like the fact that Penn Foundation has a faith-based approach. Our own faith journey has taught us the importance of integrating body, mind, and spirit into the way we live and go about our work. Penn Foundation’s Board, leadership team, and staff model this beautifully in how they care for every client. We have been personally moved by the client success stories we hear and read about. It is exciting to know that the Penn Foundation affiliation with St. Luke’s will provide even more opportunities for Penn Foundation to make a difference.

We have both benefitted from being involved with Penn Foundation in more ways than just writing a check. Ken has been a volunteer on the Autumn Event committee and has consulted with the Penn Foundation Board, leadership, and staff on a variety of projects over the years. We have both enjoyed attending many events and bidding on silent auction items.

There are many ways to support Penn Foundation and the important work they are doing. Get to know Penn Foundation and its staff. Volunteer and attend events when you can. In addition to monetary gifts, Penn Foundation needs  your talents and your time. Think about the many people you probably know who have benefitted from Penn Foundation’s services. What would happen to them and their families if Penn Foundation wasn’t here? That should be enough motivation to get involved, and we hope you will feel inspired to get involved. This past year has taught all of us the value of community. Penn Foundation is a critical part of the support system for so many people. Let’s make sure they are here to serve for years to come!