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Joy of Giving

For more than 65 years, St. Luke’s Penn Foundation has been the beneficiary of incredible support from our caring community, a group of compassionate individuals and organizations who believe in our mission of instilling hope, inspiring change, and building community. Learn more about these amazing individuals and local businesses through their “Joy of Giving” stories, and we hope you will be as inspired by their generosity as we are!

Nicole Heverly

“Addiction has had a significant impact on my life, but what has been even more impactful is the power of recovery. Thanks to organizations like St. Luke’s Penn Foundation, people not only recover, their lives are enriched by the journey. I support St. Luke’s Penn
Foundation because of the hope it provides to those suffering and the true impact it has on the lives of those in need. The work St. Luke’s Penn Foundation does to fight addiction and address mental health is integral to the well-being of our community.”

Ken and Melody Byler

“This past year has taught all of us the value of community, and St. Luke’s Penn Foundation is a critical part of the support system for so many people. Both of us know individuals who struggle with addictions and mental illness. We have watched some of those persons successfully navigate their illness, while others continue to struggle. When quality treatment and support is available, it makes a big difference in the path to recovery. Even though we relocated our home and Ken’s office to central PA in November 2020, we plan to keep supporting the mission of St. Luke’s Penn Foundation. We feel like St. Luke’s Penn Foundation is part of our family!” Click here to read Ken and Melody’s full giving story.


Retired Long-Time Employee

“Most of my professional career was spent at St. Luke’s Penn Foundation where I had the privilege of supporting individuals living with major mental illnesses. I feel it is important for me to contribute so I can help ensure that St. Luke’s Penn Foundation can do its best to meet the needs of the community in the absence of sufficient public funding and reimbursement. St. Luke’s Penn Foundation’s emphasis on looking at individuals from a holistic perspective recognizes the potential of each individual they serve. I know how important these services are to the people St. Luke’s Penn Foundation cares for and to the families who love them.”  Click here to read her full giving story.