Joy of Giving

For more than 65 years, St. Luke’s Penn Foundation has been the beneficiary of incredible support from our caring community, a group of compassionate individuals and organizations who believe in our mission of instilling hope, inspiring change, and building community. Learn more about these amazing individuals and local businesses through their “Joy of Giving” stories, and we hope you will be as inspired by their generosity as we are!

American Heritage Credit Union

“Our credit union philosophy of ‘People Helping People’ is at the core of all we do for the communities we serve. Through our own Credit Union’s financial wellness programs and community outreach initiatives, we strive to positively impact and support those who are underserved in the Greater Philadelphia region. We are thrilled to expand our outreach to St. Luke’s Penn Foundation. Through this continual partnership, we hope to inspire meaningful change and impact the communities Penn Foundation serves, including those facing mental health and substance use challenges.”

Care and Share Thrift Shoppes

“Caring and Sharing is not only in our name but also at the core of our organization. From clothing to furniture to household goods to books, the generous community around us provides wonderful donations! We are grateful that St. Luke’s Penn Foundation can help us share these donations with others when they learn of someone in need. By supporting our local community together, this partnership brings out the best in both organizations.”


Dale Westwood

“I have seen firsthand the impact mental health challenges, drug and alcohol addiction, and intellectual disabilities have on individuals and their families. I support St. Luke’s Penn Foundation because of the exceptional job they do treating these conditions and their commitment to follow their mission, vision and values. I am inspired and humbled at the dedication and compassion of the entire staff. I encourage everyone to visit St. Luke’s Penn Foundation’s website and read their ‘Stories of Hope’ to see the impact they have had on so many.”


Good Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning, Inc.

“As a company and family, we have a long tradition of supporting local community organizations that help people in need. St. Luke’s Penn Foundation’s mission to instill hope, inspire change, and build community aligns with our personal beliefs. They help to build a stronger and healthier community by providing services to people struggling with mental health issues and addiction. We’re so pleased to know that we make meaningful impact in the lives of individuals and families in our area through our contributions to St. Luke’s Penn Foundation!”

Penn Community Bank

“Penn Community Bank has partnered with St. Luke’s Penn Foundation for more than 15 years. We both share a strong commitment to community by assisting others for the greater good. St. Luke’s Penn Foundation’s EAP has supported our team members for many years, most recently during COVID and as the team returned to the office. Additionally, we are proud to partner with Wellspring Clubhouse to provide temporary employment opportunities for adults in our community dealing with mental health challenges. Through this collaboration, we can open the doors for financial opportunity for all while working to remove the stigma of mental health. When you support St. Luke’s Penn Foundation, you are truly supporting your community.”

Al and Kim Richter

“Giving has been an important part of our financial philosophy from early on, when we simply gave our tithe to our church. Then, we started our business in 1985 and have been so blessed by the tremendous support of our local community, which is rich in wonderful non-profits of many kinds. We enjoy being able to give back to them through both corporate sponsorships and personal giving. St Luke’s Penn Foundation is an excellent customer and serves a crucial role in our community with its highly respected mental health and addiction services. As a point of interest, Kim’s family was a neighbor to founding medical director, Dr. Norman Loux, and went ice skating on his pond as a child. We are blessed to follow Dr. Loux’s example and share from our resources. It is truly a joy!”


A & T Chevrolet

“St. Luke’s Penn Foundation has been serving our community with mental health care and substance abuse treatment since 1955. We are truly fortunate to have a place like this in our backyard, a place where people can get the help they need in a professional and caring atmosphere. This past year, we turned our long-standing annual gift into a matching donation which yielded even more funds for St. Luke’s Penn Foundation to use in fulfilling their mission. We are grateful for the work of the St. Luke’s Penn Foundation team and the priceless benefit they provide to the members of our community.”


Lisa Grasse

“We all encounter different seasons of life. If you’re in a season of life where you need some extra help, St. Luke’s Penn Foundation is here to help you with your behavioral health needs. We personally have taken advantage of some of their programs, like their Dayspring Christian-based counseling and Employee Assistance Program. These were incredibly helpful to us during one of those challenging seasons. Today, we’re both in a place where we can pay it forward, and over the years, we’ve shown our support for St. Luke’s Penn Foundation by volunteering at events and making monetary contributions. In fact, I have so much respect for this amazing organization that I joined their team as an employee in 2021! Every day, I get to give back and help others, just like I was helped. These past two years have been one of those challenging seasons for many people. If you can, we both encourage you to give back and help others by making a contribution. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!”


Dr. J. Phillip Moyer

“Illnesses often affect more than just our physical health. Coming from a healthcare background, I’ve witnessed how an illness can affect us in multiple ways – emotionally, mentally, and socially. The recent COVID epidemic is an extreme case in point. Because of COVID, we’ve seen an increase in anxiety and depression, social disruption, and a marked rise in opioid-related deaths. St. Luke’s Penn Foundation’s mission is to assist individuals in addressing these life challenges, and it is because of this mission of healing and hope that my wife, Betsy, and I support St. Luke’s Penn Foundation. We all impact the neighborhoods in which we live in one way or another. St. Luke’s Penn Foundation is an excellent example of what we can do together when we work to promote and support healthy communities.”


Elayne Brick

“From personal experience with providing help for a family member in crisis to St. Luke’s Penn Foundation’s confidential Employee Assistance program (which has been a great help to many at the Washington House and Sellersville Theater) to the many relationships I’ve built with their staff planning events, I’ve found that the staff at St. Luke’s Penn Foundation are caring, knowledgeable, positive, and always willing to help people in need. The people who are attracted to work at St. Luke’s Penn Foundation embody the characteristics of its culture: caring and trustworthy. I want to support organizations that I know are doing good work to help those in our community who need it the most.”


Zion Mennonite Church

“As a congregation, we wanted to commemorate the anniversary of the pandemic as a call to action. We held a fundraising campaign and decided to share the money raised with community-centered organizations like St. Luke’s Penn Foundation who were on the frontlines throughout the pandemic. We believe mental health care and addiction support is vital to our health and well-being as individuals and as a community, and we resonate with St. Luke’s Penn Foundation’s Anabaptist Christian faith heritage. We’re grateful for organizations like St. Luke’s Penn Foundation that offer healing and hope outside of the walls of a traditional church building. We want to support their work.” Click here to read more.

Edenfield Family

“Our family has been blessed by many others, and if we can repay that in some small way, then we feel we must. We have experienced St. Luke’s Penn Foundation’s overall community and culture of HOPE, and we know that our communities need more. St. Luke’s Penn Foundation’s services are so much more than just drug and alcohol or mental health programs; they provide the opportunity for life changes. While there is a lot of amazing work being done, there is more that can and needs to be done. If you can help, please join the spreading of HOPE!”


“Univest is proud to be a long-time supporter of St. Luke’s Penn Foundation and the work it does to instill hope, inspire change, and build community. We have a long history of having a Univest executive serve on the St. Luke’s Penn Foundation board; our employees volunteer on the Autumn Hope-A-Thon committee; and we contribute financially to capital campaigns and event sponsorships. We are steadfast in our support of St. Luke’s Penn Foundation because of its dedication to helping members of our community successfully face their challenges with mental health and substance abuse issues. Univest believes we are only as strong as the communities we serve, and thanks to the work of St. Luke’s Penn Foundation, our communities are strengthened every day.”


Retired Long-Time Employee

“Most of my professional career was spent at St. Luke’s Penn Foundation where I had the privilege of supporting individuals living with major mental illnesses. I feel it is important for me to contribute so I can help ensure that St. Luke’s Penn Foundation can do its best to meet the needs of the community in the absence of sufficient public funding and reimbursement. St. Luke’s Penn Foundation’s emphasis on looking at individuals from a holistic perspective recognizes the potential of each individual they serve. I know how important these services are to the people St. Luke’s Penn Foundation cares for and to the families who love them.”  Click here to read her full giving story.


Ken and Melody Byler

“This past year has taught all of us the value of community, and St. Luke’s Penn Foundation is a critical part of the support system for so many people. Both of us know individuals who struggle with addictions and mental illness. We have watched some of those persons successfully navigate their illness, while others continue to struggle. When quality treatment and support is available, it makes a big difference in the path to recovery. Even though we relocated our home and Ken’s office to central PA in November 2020, we plan to keep supporting the mission of St. Luke’s Penn Foundation. We feel like St. Luke’s Penn Foundation is part of our family!” Click here to read Ken and Melody’s full giving story.


Nicole Heverly

“Addiction has had a significant impact on my life, but what has been even more impactful is the power of recovery. Thanks to organizations like St. Luke’s Penn Foundation, people not only recover, their lives are enriched by the journey. I support St. Luke’s Penn Foundation because of the hope it provides to those suffering and the true impact it has on the lives of those in need. The work St. Luke’s Penn Foundation does to fight addiction and address mental health is integral to the well-being of our community.”