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Mental Health Worker

Position Overview

The Child & Adolescent Mental Health Worker provides family evaluations and other services to both parents and children whom include but are not limited to psycho-education (e.g. life management skills), case management and crisis intervention. Participate with team member in co-therapy sessions (or other identified team activities) with family.

Hours: Full-time

Essential Job Responsibilities

  • Conducts family evaluations, including in-home observation and interviews in order to assess for family structure, dynamics, parenting skills, support systems and previous agency contacts. Ensures competency in providing mental health services to program’s patient population(s).
  • Participates in the development of the treatment plan and case management to ensure the proper and appropriate treatment is provided.
  • Provides telephone and in-person crisis intervention to families during both scheduled and non-scheduled work hours to ensure crisis services are available to those in need.
  • Meet with individuals from applicable community services to assure appropriate service delivery for families, and participates in inter-agency case review activities and assists in the coordination of meetings for inter-team consultation to promote maximum use of community resources.
  • Documents assignment and intervention in progress notes, treatment plan and daily log to assist in maintaining a chronological and complete accounting of client care.
  • Demonstrates high standards of conduct in the work-environment and to the institution, in a professional manner, to ensure clients are provided with high quality services. Establishes a good work rapport with team member through team training and supervision.
  • Participate in required trainings throughout the year. Demonstrates knowledge of the model used by Family Based Services


  • A Bachelor’s Degree in a mental health/human services related field as well as at least one year clinical experience.
  • A valid PA Driver’s license and good driving record.
  • A Pennsylvania Criminal Record Check, a Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance and a FBI Criminal History Background Check.


Penn Foundation is an equal opportunity employer