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Health Records Specialist

Position Overview

Functions as a member of the Medical Records Department team to provide support to the day-to-day critical operations of the Medical Records Department and the MH Outpatient Department.

Essential Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for pulling daily charts/medication sheets for clients seeing prescribers and returns them to the appropriate location.
2. Pull charts/medication sheets for prescription issues.
3. Pull charts for other departments as needed.
4. Maintain binder of closed charts, locations and information on charts stored off site.
5. Scan all paperwork – lab slips, other facility paperwork, ADHD rating scales, PDMP, etc. and identify each document by date of birth and client number.
6. Print and fax BPS/psychiatric evaluations to primary care physicians for clients who have given authorization.
7. Switchboard coverage for various lunch hours and 2-3 hours on Fridays.
8. Back-up for clinics which include – 2 metabolic clinics weekly; 3 Vivitrol clinics (various weeks); recovery coach, HCHC, residential clinics (various weeks).
9. Email lab work for Clozaril clients.
10. Refile all closed charts and scan all closed medication sheets.
11. Perform related work as requested or assigned.


1. High school diploma or GED equivalent
2. Typing and computer skills
3. Organization skills
4. Ability to communicate effectively with staff and consumers
5. Must be able to lift up to 20 pounds

Penn Foundation is an equal opportunity employer