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Director of Nursing – Recovery Center

Position Overview

The Director of Nursing is responsible for the provision of medical and nursing services and supervising the 24/7 team of nurses in Recovery Center Inpatient. In addition, the DON will ensure the provision of quality nursing care to all clients at PFRC in accordance with Federal, State, County standards and compliance with the Nurse Practice Act.


Hours: Full-time

Essential Job Responsibilities

  • Supervise all nursing staff within the Recovery Center, assuring that each fulfills her/his nursing responsibilities within the boundaries of safe and appropriate nursing practice and completes appropriate tasks.
  • Supervise the nursing staff including review of assessments, documentation and routine/annual performance of duties.
  • Oversee the interaction of client and family practice physician and client and psychiatrist, assuring that all clients are medically cared for.
  • Oversee the safe practice of nursing and client care related to medical needs, administration of medication, and the provision of medical interventions as directed by physician/CRNP.
  • Oversees in the admissions process to assure that all admitted inpatient clients meet admission criteria from a medical & mental health perspective.
  • Directs the coordination of the proper care of medical emergencies for all clients.
  • Administer Vivitrol injections for Recovery center clients as well a provide training in Vivitrol administration for Recovery Center nurses as needed.
  • Address all medical and psychiatric safety concerns in collaboration of the PFRC leadership team.
  • Evaluate, direct and coordinate the proper care of all medical emergencies and incident reports involving nursing staff.
  • Act as a liaison with the Penn Foundation Recovery Center Pharmacy.
  • Be responsible for stock medication and other medical supply ordering and management.
  • Responsible for recruitment and orientation of 24/7 nursing functions as well as routine and emergency staffing.
  • Coordinate annual PPDs for all Recovery Center Staff in accordance with licensing regulations.
  • Function of as a member of the Leadership Team, under the direction of the Program Director, in establishing standard policies and procedures, transitions of care and practices.


  • PA licensed Registered Nurse, BSN or MSN preferred.
  • Experience with mental health and/or substance abuse patient care
  • Supervisory experience required

Penn Foundation is an equal opportunity employer