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Care Manager – Center of Excellence

Position Overview

The Opioid Center of Excellence (COE) is a community-based care management team. The team coordinates the care for the opioid population between systems creating a patient centered health home. The team creates warm hand offs between systems, coordinates transitions in care, assists with re-establishing life domains, incorporates medication assisted treatment, coordinates with primary care physicians, and creates rapid access to treatment.

Hours: Full-time

Essential Job Responsibilities

  • Take the role in providing admission, assessment, and level-of-care placements within the COE.
  • Create, review, and monitor COE client profiles to ensure they represent the most
    up-to- date information.
  • Identify from assessments, the care management classification for the person served consisting of needing care management, complex care management, or transitional care management COE interventions.
  • Identify COE persons served that have disconnected from recommended clinical care through electronic health record review with a minimum of a weekly review.
  • Complete mobile assessments as requested that may be located at emergency rooms, medical offices, and the criminal justice system. Coordinate transportation needs to treatment facilities.
  • Ensure warm handoffs with COE team and the Penn Foundation service delivery.
  • Complete referrals and follow-up to all behavioral supports identified through assessment process (i.e. a person is COD and homeless; complete referral to recovery coaching, a person requires intensive support with vocational rehab.; complete referral to Reach and ensure connection). If a person served is non-COD, work with COE team to address needs (i.e. CRS may be identified to work with individual wanting to go back to school).


  • Minimum Bachelor’s degree
  • Displays sound theoretical knowledge of psychopathology, addiction, behavioral health, Pennsylvania Placement Criteria (PCPC 3rd Ed), the ASAM criteria, and knowledge of life domain needs assessment.
  • A Pennsylvania Criminal Record Check, a Pennsylvania Child Abuse Clearance and a FBI Criminal History Background Check.

Penn Foundation is an equal opportunity employer