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Behavioral Specialist – Children & Adolescents

Position Overview

The Behavioral Specialist designs and directs the implementation of the behavior modification plan/treatment plan in collaboration with other team members. The Behavioral Specialist identifies individual goals and specific intervention techniques needed for each child while providing ongoing assessment and monitoring of these treatment interventions.

Hours: Part-Time, Fee-For-Service, average of 10 hours/week

Essential Job Responsibilities

  • Provide direct consultation to other treatment team members including mobile therapists, teachers, therapeutic staff support, family members and other systems involved with children/adolescents.
  • Consult to and/or formulate behavioral modification plans/treatment plans in cooperation with assigned children/adolescents and their families. Implement the plan and monitor progress toward established goals/objectives.
  • Develop and revise behavior plans as needed.
  • Maintain frequent contact with the entire treatment team, in-person and via telephone. Facilitate inter-systems cooperation and collaboration on behalf of each child/adolescent.
  • Attend regular treatment team meetings held at the child/adolescent’s home, school, or other community setting. Attend school IEP meetings when possible.
  • Coordinate and conduct BHRS monthly tem meetings with each family, team members, and other systems supporting the family.
  • Coordinate and conduct BHRS treatment plan meetings every four months, or as needed.
  • Monitor implementation of treatment plans or behavior plans by direct observation at schools or in the home.
  • Research and distribute applicable resources to families and team members.


-A Master’s Degree in psychology or a related field and experience working with emotionally disturbed children or adolescents and their families.

-A Pennsylvania Criminal Record Check, a Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance and a FBI Criminal History Background Check.

Penn Foundation is an equal opportunity employer