Job Listings

Assessor Clinical Care Manager

Program Overview

The Opioid Center of Excellence (COE) is a community based care management team. The team coordinates the care for the opioid population between systems creating a patient centered health home. The team creates warm hand offs between systems, coordinates transitions in care, assists with re-establishing life domains, incorporates medication assisted treatment, coordinates with Primary Care Physicians, and creates rapid access to treatment.

Position Overview

The team Assessor Clinical Care Manager is responsible for conducting facility and community based comprehensive biological, psychological, social, level-of-care, and spiritual assessments; assessing and motivating the opioid population to address recovery needs impacted by areas of life domains; making appropriate referrals to community and treatment supports; and coordinates level of care transition needs. In addition, provides resources and education to both persons served and family members of persons served.

Hours: Full-time

Essential Job Responsibilities

  • Take the role in providing admission, assessment, and level-of-care placements within the COE.
  • Create, review, and monitor COE client profiles to ensure they represent the most
    up-to- date information.
  • Identify from assessments, the care management classification for the person served consisting of needing care management, complex care management, or transitional care management COE interventions.
  • Identify COE persons served that have disconnected from recommended clinical care through electronic health record review with a minimum of a weekly review.
  • Complete mobile assessments as requested that may be located at emergency rooms, medical offices, and the criminal justice system. Coordinate transportation needs to treatment facilities.
  • Ensure warm handoffs with COE team and the Penn Foundation service delivery.


  • Minimum Bachelor’s Degree
  • Displays sound theoretical knowledge of psychopathology, addiction, behavioral health, Pennsylvania Placement Criteria (PCPC 3rd Ed), the ASAM criteria, and knowledge of life domain needs assessment.
  • A valid PA Driver’s license and good driving record.
  • A Pennsylvania Criminal Record Check, a Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance and a FBI Criminal History Background Check.

Penn Foundation is an equal opportunity employer