Job Listings

Admissions Representative/Medical Staff Assistant

Position Overview

Provide support to the Mental Health Outpatient Medical staff by triaging phone calls, processing prior authorizations for medications.  Provide support to Client Registration by meeting with first-time clients to complete necessary electronic paperwork and process Open Access appointments.

Hours: Full-time

Essential Job Responsibilities

  • Manage all calls to the Medical Staff and coordinate return communication.  This may pertain to communicating with patients, pharmacies, other providers or internal communications.
  • Manage the forms requested for completion by the Medical Staff.
  • Manage all prior authorizations for the medical staff.
  • Provide back-up to the Prescription and Physicians lines.
  • Meet with clients upon initial visits, review necessary paperwork, complete financial determinations as applicable.  Process copayments and understand the verification of insurances.
  • Be cross-trained in all aspects of Client Registration and medical staff support roles.
  • Perform related work as requested or assigned.


  • Bachelor’s degree, Associate’s degree or high school diploma with work experience deemed equivalent.
  • Computer proficiency.
  • Prior experience in human services field and/or insurance related-experience preferred.  Experience in processing medication prior authorizations is required.  Experience working with physicians in regards to medications, understanding terminology and documentation is required.

Penn Foundation is an equal opportunity employer